Pushing Past the Pandemic

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This picture is intended to invoke an idea of the Pandemic and how we're slowly but surely overcoming the hurdles in our path to regain our normal lives. They seek to show a world that is safe from it's current predicament.The artist intends to pay homage to the sedulous doctors and nurses, the ingenius scientists, the valiant police force and other emergency services that have strived to keep the balance in the chaotic now. The progress in science and technology which enables us to stave off a greater tragedy and it's importance in designing tomorrow has also been represented.But the artist feels that though we shall overcome the trials of today, we are protected by no more than a bubble, which even more disastrous events may try to break and we should remain ever vigilant in defense.The artists hope for the future has also been plainly shown. Following every major incident in human history, be it war, famine or disease, there has been an unprecedented development in science, technology and lifestyles. This pandemic too, shall leave us more efficient, more prepared and more capable of reaching new heights.

Medium, Material, Size, Software used in making the design/Artwork?
  • Software Used : Infinite design & Infinite Painter ,Size - 500.37 KB

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  • No

  • When was the artwork made?
  • 13-Oct-2020

  • A creature driven by passion,always looking for that spark of inspiration to create new things.Believes that though to err is human,a point of no flaw is what humans should aspire for and as such is always looking to better themself and their artwork.

    The artist has been enthusiastic in drawing and painting since kindergarten.The experience garnered from 1 year of digital painting has been shown here.

    The artist envisions,in the short term,for a world that does not have to hide behind closed doors upon seeing a neighbour,for fear of catching a disease.In other words,for a world like the one that existed 6 months prior,but also one where infinitely more mercy is shown to others.A kinder,gentler world where people care more for each other than for themselves.A peaceful world which is reminiscent of "Bob Ross Paintings".


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    4intos Deepthi 6 days ago

    Exellent work