Palette of Colors

Art encourages children to think, developing things and confidence as they grow. Creativity starts at home

Palette of Colors

Story behind the Artwork


During this Covid pandemic, kids are separated from their friends and classmates, always staying inside home, outdoor games were restricted and these are going to harm our kids and their Mindset. 


Parents are busy working at home or lazy, lying and watching TV, Mobile phones and Tab became friends with kids during this lockdown period. 


The sufferer is the kid, who's creative mind is suppressed due to gadgets available. 


Art is a thing which encourages the children to imagine and to dream in their own way. Spend time with your kids, motivate them and turn their life into a colorful world. 


Short Profile and vision


I'm Poojith N Rajendran ,23 yrs old, Self taught artist, drawing was one of my hobby, but now it has given me a wonderful opportunity and took me to greater heights in my life. I never dreamnt Art would be the thing which can feed me during crucial periods, but it has helped in surviving this lockdown period where my only earning was commisoned artworks, I truly thank god for gifting me this talent. 



Poojith N Rajendran

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