Shattering Swathe

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Shattering Swathe is a poetic poster that illustrates the breaking lives of people during the current pandemic environment through typography, poems, and illustrations. Poems re-defining the word life is artistically illustrated, where every inhabitant's life is immersed in silent depths.

Medium, Material, Size, Software used in making the design/Artwork?
  • Adobe Photoshop (Designing and Composing) and Adobe Illustrator (Create Illustrations)

  • Are you willing to sell your artwork?
  • YES

  • When was the artwork made?
  • 27-Sep-2020

  • Being an academician and designer I explored so much of life, especially during this pandemic. Life of people has been re-defined from several walks of life. This restructuration doesn't only focus on life scenarios but it brings out the psychology and physiology of humans.

    Remaining isolated within the four walls had given rise to Depression among several students, adults, and older adults. Education through online media had paved a new way for illiteracy as only people with the ability to afford a smartphone or laptop and internet connection can pursue it. Unwanted and forced marital pregnancies have shot up during this pandemic situation, harming the mothers' physical and mental strength. And finally 'Migrant Labors' are the ones who suffered the most in terms of poverty and unable to travel to their own land.

    My poster design conceptualizes the above mentioned four different life scenarios as micro poems, which was solely written by me.

    The large image of a pregnant woman in typography is used to show the pain of a married woman and mother. The white mask is shown with vapors indirectly illustrating it as a coffee/ tea that remains fresh and it is always forced to be drunk.

    The poster comprises most of the typography that seems to break, is used to justify the title 'Shattering' and the glass broken effect is used to emphasize the breaking lives of people. The poster is made up of two colors. The greenish-blue background stands for the water bodies (lake and ocean) which provide relaxation by hiding the realities of its inhabitants in its depths. Similarly, the real lives of human seem hidden beneath the calm looking world especially during this COVID-19. The foreground is in white to emphasize the innocence of the inhabitants.

    The shattered effect is given all over the design to illustrate the shattering and breaking life of people just like the torn rug.

    Illustrations were done in Adobe Illustrator CC and the rest of the designing was done as two parts in Adobe Photoshop CC. It took 20 trials and 5 days to complete it in my busy schedule.

    My Profile:
    I'm an Assistant Professor with 3 years of experience in academic field and a part-time Doctoral research student. Graphic Designing, Documentary and Art of Writing are my three great areas of passion, which I occasionally indulge in - to experience the utmost nooks and corners of my creative mind.

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