The Artwork tells the story of Corona disease depicting various aspects of the struggle the whole world is going through and the ultimate surrender to The Supreme Almighty Lord Jagannath. This Painting includes the depiction of Corona Warriors like Doctors, Health workers, Police, Sweepers

The story behind the artwork is to create awareness for the ongoing pandemic the whole world is facing through the stroke of brushes.Lord Jagannath’s distinct round eyes is looking upon us as we have spread our hands in submission to the Almighty Lord of the whole universe.He is the one who will save us and show us the path to come out of this situation.The messengers of the Gods, the Rishis and the Munis are also calling out to the lord to bless us.Through all this scare, the devouts, the devotees , the common man, woman and children are all confused and to help them we are being guided by the ‘corona warriors’ – the policemen,the doctors and the nurses, the firemen and more.

All the countries in the world is affected by this virus and by coming together only we will be able to rise from this situation.

Key Achievements

1.Lalit Kala Academy, Covid 19 Award,Bhubaneswar 2020

2.Lalit kala prabodhini,Best Achievement Award, Pune 2020

3.Art and Culture Foundation,Grand Talent Winner-Painting,Bhubaneswar 2020

4.Kalakriti Art Foundation, Gold MedalWinner , Ranchi 2020

5.International Achievement India Award(IAIA) 2020


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