Warriors of the Warship

While imagining on this topic firstly I thought of our front-line warriors, how they are managing their day to day routine during this pandemic, not able to meet their families sometimes even not able to eat properly in this situation as our heroes first duty is in saving our nation. 1) Starting firstly from our hardworking front-line hero DOCTORS & NURSES they are fighting everyday/ second/ minute/hour, they must be thinking that which type of vaccine should be developed so that corona gets destroyed fully or can just get vanished from our world & we can live again our routine life. 2) Our POLICE OFFICERS- they might be thinking that let's arrest all the viruses & send them to jail. 3) Our ARMY OFFICES- who are daily fighting at border, from their point of view they have their personal weapons like guns, bombs etc. They think of to directly encounter all viruses by firing or blasting a bomb so that they can die immediately. 4) Our FARMERS- to kill the viruses through their weapons like rake or digging shovel; to bury the entire virus into land. 5) Our DELIVERY MAN- they think to pack all the viruses into the box and send them to scrap and to squeeze them all. 6) Our GARBAGE MAN- they sweep away all the viruses & throw them into the dustbin & then send them into the dump yard. Some of the characters sound funny, some interesting or some are worth. What an effort by our heroes seriously its unimaginable war they are still fighting. Then I have shown the calendar which describes their efforts each and every day/month without complaining it to anybody, sometimes even they can’t meet there families in this crises because there duty is more important towards our nation first. Especially for them each and every day is the new war. Then on the other side is our normal people who are again living their routine life only just because of our front-line heroes are standing always. But with some precautions that is to prevent from corona virus we have to wear mask, use sanitizers and maintain social distancing. If not taken precautions right now, then corona virus attacks us from anywhere. So we all have to be careful every day. Just like a team we have to support each other right now, respect our heroes their duties, and obey all the rules and regulations and also to follow the guidelines. In short, for all of us “Each And Every Day Is a New War for everyone”.

Creativity Against Covid-19

WOW! It all started from August 30th Sunday completed on 28th October 2020, what a challenging topic it was; I experienced a wonderful and very challenging journey. By profession I am a multimedia designer and had an experience from the last 3-4 years in this field, but still learning as designing field is very vast. For me graphic designing is the way to create visual images so that i can communicate my views/ideas/messages easily to the viewers.

Thinking of on this topic first and foremost thing I thought was that of our frontline heroes, they keeps protecting our country only just we can be safe, we can live without any fear. Hahaha, I remembered one thing when I was a kid, I guess everyone had done this, I used to tell my father and mother that I don’t want to go school due to rain or else when it’s very cold, but then now this year 2020 taught so many things especially from our frontline heroes; They carry out their responsibility without complaining whether its summer, rainy or else winter season. I was really into a deep imagination that how they are managing everything everyday really “A Big Salute to them”. I got too many ideas like I started using layout techniques, typography techniques, done sketching for displaying my elements so to check what will be the best for my artwork even I learnt more about the importance of color matching and how to manage the time appropriately and how to use different techniques as my artwork contains so many little stuffs so that I can complete it on time. It was very interesting challenging playing with this topic.

My main motive or why I choose this kind of idea is that I wanted to show that what our warriors feel during this pandemic from their perspective, how they are fighting in this situation. They might have sometimes got an illusion when they are totally angry or sometimes not able to handle the situation properly or gets confused in this corona pandemic period which appeared suddenly for all of us. Which we normal people also gets that lets vanish all of them live our routine as normal as we were. They deserve much more respect and gratitude. It’s just only that “If the whole world unites together supports each other, then the whole world will smile win against any situation easily”.  My artwork is for our heroes to thank them and to visualize from their view and communicate it graphically and so that right now we are safe and living without any fear with some rules of government taking care of some precautions to win this battle quickly.







Dhanusha Desai

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