Angels in disguise

Doctors, Nurses, Medical staffs, and each and everyone in the medical field are the real heroes of the nation during this pandemic situation. They are "Angels" sent down to earth by God, who dedicate their whole lives to save mankind. They work extremely hard 24X7 to save the w


Recently, some of my friends and extended family were affected by COVID and I was terrified. But the doctors and nurses were like angels from heaven who helped them recover. Thank God all of them got recovered. After the discharge from hospital, the insipring stories heard from my friends and extended family, about how the Doctors, Nurses and Medical staff were helping them and caring them. The kind of the Dresses they wear (full covered) and it is difficult for them to take a Bio-Break..Inspite of the difficulty and personally they have taken huge risk to treat this, is inspired me to paint this piece of art.

Painting is like a way to fend off my predicaments and dilemmas.  Art is my passion and it is a way to express things that cannot be expressed by words. It makes me forget the entire world, and feel blissful and euphoric. While I am painting the only thing that matters is that I am enjoying it.

One of my greatest achievements was putting up an exhibition of my artworks and selling many of them. It really increased my confidence and inspired me to do more things like that.

This is a great opportunity and I'm glad that I'm a part of this world record.

B Sathya Sri

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