Five Renowned Contemporary Ceramic Artists who have recreated Ceramics

Have you given it a thought as what is so fascinating about the art, Ceramic which dates back almost 2000 years? Pottery and Ceramics had a surge in popularity since 2014. The reason may be the flood of digital and modern arts, which promptly stirred Ceramic artists and Potters to rekindle the art with a twist, keeping in mind the contemporary wave.

Let us take a look at some of the renowned contemporary Ceramic artists, who have recreated the art keeping the traditional aspect intact while aligning it with the contemporary world.

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Cody Hoyt

Cody Hoyt has given Ceramic vessels an intriguing angle which has made Ceramic vessel a charming part of exotic interiors. His mix and matches of dramatic angles, combination of layers and graphic angles have transformed simple pots to stunning urban vessels. Cody is originally trained as a painter and printmaker. His emphasis and forte lies in vibrant geometric designs and intricate surfaces. 


Julia Kunin

Julia Kunin has a penchant for nature, underwater creatures, insects and surreal landscapes. She chose clay to mould them into worldly and other unworldly forms. His art in clay has transformed simple natural beings into extra ordinary 'ceramic form'. His love for nature and underwater life is seen in his famous series ‘Rock Vases”


Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy’s ‘Face Pots’ are a joyful addition to the world of Ceramic. The rainbow coloured faces with googly eyes and cartoonist nose and smile have charmed buyers all over the world. He has a fascination for the immediacy of clay and then watch how it transforms from the mess.


Kathy Butterfly

Kathy Butterfly is famous for her unusual biomorphic clay models. She makes her clay drip, ooze, leak and then fires it to a state, each of which rides  in its uniqueness. Her creations are characterised by rich colour gaze, diverse surfaces and textures. Her creations have a subtle touch of feminist.


Ron Nagle

Ron Nagle is a veteran player in this Ceramic art. His USP is abstract expressionism  matched with surrealism. His sculpting miniature pieces are rich in colour contrast with stunning finish.


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