Bold and Beautiful Designs captivating the Graphics this 2020

Graphics have been captivating visuals and it has become a new norm to advertise or say it loud with graphic designing. Want to check out the trending graphic designs which are hot favorites of designers? Here you go!

3D Graphic Designs

3D graphic realism reached its popularity in 2019 and it is in no hurry to fade away soon. With urban technologies along with software advancement, the graphic design got a major boost. Designers mix other dashes of realism like photos and 2D graphics to make designs more creative and attractive.

Shiny Metals

Metallic-effect is the 'in thing' for cosmetics, garments, etc, hence how will graphics stay away from metals. Shiny metals have an edge when it comes to branding or product design. The advantage for designers here is since the focus is on metal shades, the design goes minimal.

Typography Variations

To make the designs urban and catchy, graphic designers heavily depend on typography variations. Be it artistic typography, maxi typography, or heavy fonts, designers love to play with the options. Another 'would be' trend for graphic designs is drawing shapes and circles with typography.

Doodles and Collage


Our notebook designs are coming back to graphics in the form of doodles. Doodling is largely influencing graphic designers to illustrate their creations. Collaging real-life photos are also taking over the design trend.


Earthy Colours

Can retro ever be out of trend? No. The earthy nuances and the hand-drawn ink brings the 50s live on screen and the viewers love it. Graphic designers use it subtly to bring home the vintage effect.

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