We are in this together, together we fight and defeat COVID 19 and we will make earth shine bright.!!

This is a short 2D animation created for WLOC creativity against coronavirus.I conceptualized and directed the story and animated it within three days.Music is from royalty-free music, and the links are as follows, https://www.bensound.comFesliyanStudios Background Music...The animation illustrates how the novel coronavirus affects all around the world. Thus, communicate an important message to the world. It is every citizen utmost responsibility to take all the necessary preventive measures to recover from the disease and also to destroy the virus.#Together we can do this.I am grateful to share my concept with all of you, and I appreciate how you follow all the health and safety measures to keep all of us safe. .Let's fight COVID 19 together. Stay safe and stay blessed. I appreciate your comments on my concept

Earth was happy and busy with day to day work. One day all of the sudden earth was attacked by a virus.and then eventually suffered from fever. No one knew what was happening. First, it was only one part of the body which was aching and with a blink of an eye, the whole body started aching and got a high fever. It was then identified that this is a new virus named COVID 19 and has attacked on earth. Days passed and earth felt weaker and weaker. Earth was admitted to ICU. All the super heroes on earth were fighting a front battle with COVID 19 and they never gave up. Following the guidelines and protective measures shared by our own superheroes, the people on earth joined the battle against COVID 19 and prayed for the speedy recovery of earth.

We are in this together, together we can fight and defeat COVID 19. let's support the earth to heal soon! 


Manuja Wickramasinghe

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