Neerajj Mittra- Visual Artist & Art Strategist

This November fasten your seat belts for an electrifying virtual creative event, W-LOC. International Art and Imagination Forum in association with Chappai will pioneer the launch of a grand creative event where artists across the globe will premiere their creative masterpieces. Industry experts and Art connoisseurs will appreciate and nurture upcoming innovative skills of participants.

W-LOC has invited amazing and exemplary artists who can set  excitement among  the pristine and fresh talents worldwide. Hold your breath while we introduce Neerajj Mittra, the exemplary Visual Artist, Sculptor and Design innovator.

Born in an innate artistic family in Delhi, Neerajj Mittra grew up witnessing some exotic art at home. He is an alumnus of College of Art, New Delhi. There is so much to talk about Neerajj's manifold ideas and influence in the field of art. 

He is the founder of NM Artistry - Spreading Smiles and he is also a co founder of Gallery Art'est - An Art Abode. W- LOC and Neerajj Mittra's foundations have an unique concept in common. Both encourage amateurs to meet professionals to hone out some amazing visioners of art and discover art in its most inimitable form.

Neerajj has a penchant for horses and he strongly believes that humans and horses share a reverent bond. He reflected his belief in the form of art during the lockdown. His 'horse and human bond' Art  has been exhibited in prestigious virtual art shows.

A big shout out for Neerajj Mittra as we invite him to share his priceless experiences and precious words of advice for neo enthusiasts and participants. Let's Collaborate for this remarkable event without delay. Join us!

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