The latest and most popular Animation trends of 2020

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In half a decade, the metamorphosis of animation has been unexpectedly huge. Amazing and unthinkable innovations are possible through animation. Now if you have just started with animation, there is an ocean to surf. If you are a pro, you already know the pace animation has picked up. There is a sea of latest animation trends to follow. Let's have a look at some of the most popular animation trends.

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  • Thin Lines

    Motion design accommodates many powerful tools. Thin Line has a space in Motion Design. The unique aspect of Thin Line is that it can be animated the way it is drawn. These lines can perform a variety of tasks, like setting up directions, separating elements, and defining shapes. Thin Lines make the animation look clear, elegant, and humble. These simple Thin Lines give way to a wide variety of creativity. 




    Renowned organizations like iPhone, Stripe, and Instagram depend on Gradient for their classy and attractive illustrations. Gradient has actually made a comeback in the year 2020. It delivers innumerable scope to enhance the creativity and depth of design. Gradient premieres in the mixing of colors and bringing out the most astonishing result. For apps, brand logos, posters, brochures, etc., Gradient is slowly becoming a hot favorite.


    Isometric Animation

    Isometric renders the best of 3D and 2D animations. Isometric animation adds more perspective to your design by incorporating 3D in 2D. That means it can add more detail to the design without adding in the clutter. Products looking for a 3-dimensional design layout have promptly adopted Isometric animation.


    Vertical Ads

    Research says 94% of people view ads and content in their smartphones. So all the innovations take turns towards vertical ads. So animators get a chance to experiment with motion graphics, overlays, textures, stop motion, and 3D graphics. With platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, animators are trying every hand at interactive vertical social media ads.



    Digital Surrealism

    Captivating imagery takes viewers to a surreal world.  where known objects behave strangely. Smoky and evaporating objects are the mystic side of animation. Bubbles, solidifying liquid, etc. are things that are paranormal. It has its own animatic charm and viewers crave for such charms. 


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