Beauty behind the Mask

My Artwork features a beautiful Indian Woman in a traditional saree and wearing a mask. Also, The reason I chose to do a saree is that Tradition, culture, and ethnicity are something we, as Indians truly stand out for. Though we are different, each of us in our own unique way, contributing

I've been super busy with shaping my 'Professional Life of getting an MBA' that I failed to spend time on my true passions. Everyone experiences a calling towards a particular passion, something we never really had the time to pursue. Well, that time was the Lockdown period for me.

Traditional art and sketching was something I used to do during my free time. The lockdown was truly a blessing in disguise for me to learn digital art. I started learning Krita and the basics of Photoshop right away, But failed miserably because I could not understand the user interface and concepts. Then, I decided to try again with Autodesk sketchbook Software, fell in love with the easy user interface and got better at it day by day. 

Art has always been my passion and I'm glad that I got to work on it for so many months. I loved the journey of getting better at art and growing as an artist.


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